derived from using the products from the Klingenburg UVC TECHNOLOGY line: 

  • improvement of the quality of indoor air;
  • improvement of employees' health by providing them with clean indoor air;
  • efficient operation of the air conditioning and ventilation system decreasing the running costs;
  • stopping the mildew and decay processes in elements of installations;
  • stopping the appearance of unpleasant odours;
  • decreasing energy costs connected with flow resistance in installations;
  • decreasing costs by prolonging the lifespan of devices;
  • decreasing the costs connected with infecting production lines and products;
  • increasing employees' effectiveness;
  • decreasing the threat of the potential compensation claims;
  • "goodwill" and increase of prestige as an innovative company caring about clean indoor air. 




00. UV radiation
01. Klingenburg UVC
02. Benefits

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